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Any start-ups which are working towards facilitating a start- up ecosystem, or creating infrastructure for start-ups, or in the business of entrepreneurship development and education will find strong support in FIED. We are also committed to enhance primary and secondary education system of India to promote EEE – Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship.


India is known for several exotic fruits, vegetables, plantations and herbs. FIED intends to work with start-ups which leverage the local agricultural produce, and create robust business models surrounding the same. We have specific inclination towards food processing, agricultural retail, agricultural tourism, farmer producer companies (FPO), ayurvedic products and agri-tech solutions.

Tourism And Hospitality

FIED intends to work with local Government to make India a preferred destination of tourism among international audience. The objective of establishing and encouraging tourism start-ups is to facilitate the development of sustainable rural tourism in India in the next 10 years, considering strategic development in a step-wise approach and focusing on sequential development of tourist friendly infrastructure, allied hospitality and service industry, art and culture, holistic healing, yoga, adventure sports, nature tourism and pilgrimage.

Art And Craft

FIED intends to support innovative business models around local art and crafts. The start-ups which are willing to work with local artisans to enhance the outreach of the local art and to create global businesses will be closely mentored and supported by FIED.

Ayurveda And Wellness

FIED strongly encourages start-ups which link with the roots of India. We are committed to bring India on the forefront in ayurveda and wellness. We will provide mentorship, support, guidance, and strive to work with the start-ups in raising funds to ensure the success of such start-ups.