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RKVY Agri Business Incubation Program

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Personalized Entrepreneurship Training

Dveloping a successful start-up is a journey in which each entrepreneur has their own pace.
Few entrepreneurs have spent a lot of time in start-up ecosystem and are well versed with its terminologies and knowledge. While other entrepreneurs are just taking their first steps.
Personalized training caters the needs of both. This training consists of two modules i.e. Core Modules and Elective Modules.

Once selected in this program, the applicants can choose lectures from optional module to meet their learning requirements
Exact details of modules and trainers will be uploaded on 10th July.

Remote Training

Argiculture related start-ups require field-work and it is very difficult for an entrepreneur to attend a residential training program.
To solve this problem we have designed the program digitally, so that the entrepreneurs can learn remotely through our online learning platform.
Our online learning platform connects experts from diverse fields to entrepreneurs present anywhere around the globe.